Dyslexia In calculation

Posted on Sep 13, 2015 in problems

Mirror-writing of numbers.

Inversion of figures in numbers consisting of two or more figures. Example: 24 and 42.

Problems increase when it comes to hundreds or thousands, such as 104 and 140.

Mistaking numbers that sound similar. Example: 30 and 40.

Difficulty in creating series of numbers, both in ascending and descending order.

Tendency to start math operations from the left.

Difficulty in solving problems, when this involves verbal comprehension.

  1. Children over 12 years of age (Secondary school)

The child has problems focusing when reading or writing.

Shows primary memory problems, not being able to remember what he read, due to his difficulty in understanding read and written text, as well as mathematical concepts.

Interprets information in the wrong way, as he is unable to comprehend abstract information and also due to his poor reading skills.

Shows difficulty in organizing his space, his working materials and also his own thoughts when reading or writing.

Cannot manage his time, and has no strategies to finish his tasks on time.

Works slowly and cannot adapt to new environments.

His social abilities don’t function properly, and he doesn’t manage to make friends or understand conversations.

Finally, he avoids reading, writing and doing math, and gets into an emotional block.