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General characteristics of a child with dyslexia

Posted by on Sep 13, 2015 in General | 0 comments

Swaps the positions of letters, numbers and words.

Confuses the order of the letters within words.

Finds it difficult to make the connection between letters and sounds, and to decipher learned words.

Shows difficulty in pronouncing words, as he inverts or substitutes syllables.

Doesn’t know the left from the right, and presents mirror-writing.

Has poor motor coordination, gets confused easily, and is prone to accidents.

Does not hold the pen correctly.

His motor coordination disorder results in poor handwriting and calligraphy.

Cannot follow a series of verbal instructions.

His reading comprehension is very poor, and he remembers information very slowly.

Has problems understanding time, and is unable to tell the hour, day, month or year.

Cannot organize or write his thoughts. Grammar and orthography are characteristic and deficient.

Shows difficulties in learning basic numerical concepts, such as the multiplication table, and cannot apply these concepts in to calculate and solve problems.

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