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You and your child

Posted by on Sep 13, 2015 in family | 0 comments

Here are some suggestions in order to make breakfast one of the main meals of the day:

  • We must set a good example. If a child sees a parent only drinking coffee at home and decides to eat breakfast at work, the child will not consider this meal important.
  • We must sacrifice 15 minutes of extra sleep in order to prepare a proper breakfast meal. Also, you should calmly eat your meal while seated at the table.
  • We must eat and enjoy breakfast with the children. We must sit together just like it’s done during lunch and dinner. If for some reason the whole family can’t sit together, at least try having an adult nearby when a child eats breakfast. We mustn’t bother or pressure the child to finish quickly, but rather take this time to enjoy with your child and have a nice conversation regarding the day’s activities or comment the news on the radio or newspaper.
  • We must offer them variety. Even though their daily serving of dairy is a must, you may provide them with several other options, such as: cereal, fresh fruits, juice, toast with jam, eggs or even cheese.
  • If we must go to work before they wake up or have breakfast, leave them a note wishing them a great day along with a served breakfast meal.
  • If the child starts school later and we let him/her sleep till 10 a.m., he/she will easily skip breakfast and only eat lunch. This is not recommended. If it’s done regularly, it could turn into a bad habit, and stunt your child’s growth. (For instance, he won’t get his daily intake of dairy).
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